Walking Dead Psychology Psych of the Living Dead

Travis Langley

Walking Dead Psychology Psych of the Living Dead

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The characters of "The Walking Dead" live in a desolate postapocalyptic world, filled with relentless violence and death. In reality, how would such neverending trauma affect the psyche? By understanding the psychological forces that drive the show's action, fans can better grasp this compelling fictional universe. Is the Governor a psychopath, a sociopath, or neither? What does Terror Management Theory tell us about what it means to constantly fight for survival – as Rick must? What is the emotional cost of killing a walker or even another living person? What is groupthink and how does it affect the decisions made by the people of Terminus, Woodbury, and Rick's gang? In 19 essays from a range of esteemed contributors, plus "Case Files" sidebars by editor Travis Langley, "The Walking Dead Psychology" answers these and many other questions in a way sure to fascinate the show's millions of passionate viewers.

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ISBN: 978-14-549-1705-2

Tytuł oryginalny: Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead

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